GrillEye is a Smart Bluetooth® Grilling & Smoking Thermometer

Continuously monitors your grill or smoker and lets know when food is ready by sending a message to your smartphone. 

Take your grilling & smoking skills to the next level with the GrillEye® Smart Device and its dedicated app for iOS and Android

Setting custom or preset temperature alarms and timers has never been easier. Track up to 6 different temperatures simultaneously, whether grilling or smoking, or even both, using your iPhone or Android device. Just set your preferences and let GrillEye® do the rest for you.

The GrillEye® app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.



Bluetooth® connection of the GrillEye®, enables  you to monitor temperatures from up to 100m distance, without annoying disconnections. 100m Bluetooth® range*

* measured in space without obstacles

Grill to perfection without worrying about the number of guests. GrillEye® allows you to track, easily, the temperature of up to 6 different probes at the same time. With free iOS or Android App

6 Available ports - See our Master Kit

For each thermometer probe, the GrillEye® displays, simultaneously, the current as well as the target temperature, using 2 different LED indicators, so that you can see what's cooking, even without your mobile.


Dual temperature display

The GrillEye® includes 2 Pro-grade meat thermometer probes, made of space grade aluminum, and 2 clips for ambient temperature readings. GrillEye® probes are the 1st worldwide, to be certified by the FDA for safe use with food.

2 in 1 Temperature Probes

Elegant and rugged design

GrillEye® is designed to withstand the tough conditions during grilling and smoking, without loosing its premium style that makes it stand out of the bunch.

Anti-glare screen

GrillEye® screen is made of a specially coated polymer that keeps the device lightweight while reflecting the sunlight, thus allowing you to read temperatures easily.

Dual temperature display

  • For each probe, the GrillEye® displays the current and the target temperature, using 2 different LED indicators, so that you can see what's cooking, even without your mobile.

Space-grade Aluminum, adjustable stand

  • GrillEye® uses a space-grade, aluminum rotating stand that allows you to adjust the device's position and enhance your viewing angle, whether you are standing or sitting.

True long-range Bluetooth®

  • No more disconnections when moving away from your grill or smoker. GrillEye® uses true long-range Bluetooth® that guarantees a hassle-free grilling & smoking experience.

Healthy grilling & smoking

  • The grip of GrillEye® probes is made of space-grade aluminum that won't melt in your food like plastic does. This is why GrillEye® probes are the 1st worldwide to receive FDA approval.
  • With GrillEye®, SAFETY comes first. GrillEye® Smart Grilling & Smoking device is fully certified as follows:

GrillEye® Smart Device
What's in the box

  • 1x GrillEye® Smart Grilling and Smoking Device
  • 2x GrillEye® Meat and Ambient Temperature Probes
  • 2x Clips for Ambient Temperature Readings
  • 1x Quick User Manual
  • 2x AA Batteries